FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions – for Models and Clients

For Models: Application & Model Profile

I can not log in or forgot my username and password?

You have the option to reset your password at the user login. Only registered models or clients can log in.

What is my portfolio?

With your online portfolio, you can upload documents, existing Comp cards or simply a picture folder with your most beautiful photos. Then clients can download them.

How do I edit my profile?

If you are logged in, you will find all functions on the left side of your overview page! Under 'My Account' and 'My Online Profile' you can complete and edit all data.

How can I change my e-mail address?

You can change your e-mail address in your model profile!

Do I have to enter all my data in my online profile?

The more complete your profile, the higher the chance of being discovered and booked by clients.

Which pictures should I upload?

As your profile and cover photo, it would be good if you upload meaningful pictures of you. Demonstrate self-confidence and present yourself with a positive charisma!

How can I apply for go-models?

In each model category you will find links to the application form. There you can apply.

According to which criteria do you choose the models?

Since self-confidence and personality are a prerequisite for a model, we pay attention to how you look in your application photos. Based on the application photos, we can decide if somebody has the potential to be a model.

How can I contact you?

Under 'Contact' you will find all our contact information to get in touch with us!

For Models: General & Find Models

Do I have to accept all orders?

Absolutely not, you are completely independent. That is to say, you decide for yourself which orders you wish to accept and which not! Will I get a model job as a model?

Will I get a model job as a model?

This depends on many factors such as season, popular model type, and so on. In addition, it is also important that you always upload current and beautiful photos in your model profile. Unfortunately, we can not promise at 100% that you will get a model job.

How can I get jobs as a model?

If you are logged in as a model, you will find a section 'Job List' at the top of the menu. You can always browse these and actively promote jobs.

Do I have to pay you something if I am booked?

In fact, no, since we are not a modeling agency, To clarify, you do not have to pay any commission on orders.

How can I apply for jobs?

As soon as you find a suitable job in your job list, you can simply click on 'Apply for this job' in the detail view. Subsequently, the client will be notified immediately about your application.

How can I get in contact with clients?

For this purpose, by an online button, you can easily get in touch with clients. What's more, you can also be contacted!

Where will I get model jobs?

You can decide yourself. Either you can only accept jobs in your environment, or internationally.

How many do I earn in a model job?

The fees are of course different and depend on the client and the order. By all means, please check with the client directly!

Is my data public?

Your data is not publicly visible.

For Clients: Find General & Models

I can not log in, or have forgotten my username and password.

In case you can not log in, please reset your password. Either directly in the log-in area you can do that or in your profile.

How can I find models?

When you are logged in, you will find the option 'Model Search' in your menu. Thus you can identify exactly the right models for your orders through a variety of filters.

Can I edit my jobs at any time?

Of course, you can update and edit jobs at any time.

How can I publish jobs?

In your client profile, you can always post a "job". There you can enter all important information regarding the job. When you click on "Post Job" below, your job will be public. After that, Models can apply.

Can I find jobs myself?

Of course, you can! As a client, you have access to our 'job list'. Thus you can search for jobs there and apply at the click of a mouse.

Which models can I book?

In fact, we have models from different categories – from baby models, children models, over 50plus models through to fitness or plus-size models.

How much commission is to be paid to you?

Since we are not a modeling agency – rather a modern online model portal – you don't have to pay any commission!

How can I delete my profile?

In case you want to delete your profile, please send us an email. Following that, we will deactivate your profile.

We hope you found these Frequently Asked Questions ' FAQs' helpful. With any further questions, please just contact us.

If you think of becoming a model, you can directly apply here as a model. 

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